Friday, June 19, 2015


The idea of talking to someone is nice, but all to often people talk at each other. Each participant in what would have been a conversation only hears what they are saying and the words of the other are not heard at all. The result is as varied as the people that span the globe. Why is true communication so important to us?

Communication in its many forms is how we build relationships. Even silent communication says a lot, though in the current age of technology and instant messengers the need to be face to face to have a conversation is no longer important to some. The telephone is still in existence though instead of talking for hours to loved ones we send text messages, email and other chats.

The days of the handwritten letter are fast becoming extinct. Boxes are no longer stuffed with letters from loved ones giving us something to hold onto long after they are gone. In the digital age we have deleted voice mail and deleted electronic communications that are automatically permanently deleted after a set amount of time has passed.

Interpretation of Communication

Words are interpreted by those that hear them. The interpretation is not always what the speaker intended. It is the misinterpretations that are often more important than accurate interpretations. When words and actions are thought to mean something other than they actually do problems can arise. Simply knowing the meaning of a word does not mean that either speaker or listener are both on equal footing.

Why is it communication is open to interpretation even when definitions are clear? What is it about the human mind that causes it to presume the worse? Communication is the most important part of relationships, keeping it honest isn't always pleasant but it is necessary. 

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