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Goals for Remainder of 2015

There are some things that I want to achieve and some things that I need to achieve before the close of 2015. I have already achieved the finalization of my divorce and being restored to my maiden name of Childree. The name on my books now matches, it seems I knew then that one day I would reclaim my name. 

What else would I intend to achieve this year?

Fun Goals

1. Decorating Shorty's backpack. Instead of purchasing a new one for the upcoming school year she has agreed to keep the one from last year. Provided of course we can decorate it. This will be fun project for us during the last couple of weeks of summer vacation.

2. Picture frames for some of her art work and posters for her wall. She would want to decorate her room, since we cannot make a permanent change we will put up items that are easily removable and decorate her furniture as we find the needed items to do so. We will also decorate the items we need to make her room more storage friendly for a small child.

3. Decorate the living room and kitchen with simple items. 

4. Play all the levels of at least one mindless game.

Personal Goals

1. Fit back into the pants size I wore last summer.

2. Buy a new charger for Shorty's tablet.

3. Have an awesome holiday season.

The most important goal is missing from this list. I wish to move us into a small house so that I can fix the yard up for Shorty. She would enjoy a fenced in yard to keep her safe and ensure that she could have enough space to put a small raised bed garden to care for. Until next time I hope that you are clear on what you want to accomplish and that you are making progress.
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