Monday, June 8, 2015

Laundry Plan

It is time to evaluate the laundry budget for the remainder of the month. I have $24 left to do laundry, that's 24 loads that can be washed. I am attempting to budget merely $10 for the remainder of the month to wash the laundry, since that is a minimum of two loads per week I think that it is possible.

I have $11 for yard sales this month without dipping into the quarters that I have for laundry. The main goal is to keep some of the quarters I have for this month to wash the laundry next month since it is the last month of summer.

We are hoping for a few outings to the park. Once I get another vehicle we will go back to taking the baby to the park in the afternoons after school when the weather is pleasant. It would be nice if there was a park within walking distance of where we live but there is not. That sucks.

I'm wondering if I should take the baby on walks in the afternoons, or early mornings before it gets hot. I think she would enjoy it.

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