Thursday, June 25, 2015


I am unable to focus, as a result I have returned to making lists to get things accomplished. Even the most basic housekeeping requires that I make a list to remember it. I can look at something and forget what I am supposed to do. 

The list are split on the page, once work tasks were included but this is no longer the case. I have not managed to work in some time as a result of circumstances. The list are often far to detailed but they help me to focus and at least accomplish a couple of things. 
It all starts here
The items on my lists are what others would consider a simple part of the daily routine. While during the summer it is not broken up into hours it is still detailed. (Breaking it into hours is a left over habit from days of having a work schedule to create by myself).

Example of the List

Wash dishes
Take trash out
Clean kitchen counters
Wipe down stove

You get the idea, only the lists are typically much longer and broken down into steps for each room. The days that I do not have a list I do not manage to get more than one or two things accomplished. 

May your days be productive whether with a list or from memory.

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