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Saturday Evening Post

I have had enough, and once again I refuse to continue to put up with things. The difference is this time I am not tolerating it as long as I did the last time. It has been a year and they are supposedly a friend; I am severing ties as I have tried to do several times before only this time they will remain severed.

It is true that a person can only take so much, and I am past that point. I am no longer allowing the excess stress into my life, my nerves are growing worse and the arguing contributes to it. Friends do not act like the world revolves around them and use you as a punching bag just because you are there.

I am done. I no longer care what they need, or how they are. I am as sure I will never speak to them again as I am that the 80 plus temperatures are making me want to sleep until it cools off.

Until next time may you eliminate those that make you feel as if you'd be better off without ever having known them.
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