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Saturday Evening Post

The routine for the summer months is different from that of the school year while it remains the same in a lot of ways. Though the last couple of years have lent themselves to far less writing on my part I am attempting to get back into it. I am not writing in my books at the moment, instead I am filing away memories to place between the pages. Sit back, and we'll chat.

Instead of being tied to the alarm clock I am listening to my natural sleeping patterns. Shorty is listening to her natural sleeping pattern as well. The results are some what interesting.

A major achievement of this summer has been getting Shorty to wake me up before she goes outside to play. I like to be awake and know that she is just outside the door and have the vantage point of being able to see her riding her bicycle. She takes toys out on the porch and spends the majority of the day out there. It is a good thing that she does not sit still, even though she watches videos outside all morning.

Shorty only wakes me for breakfast when she wants something that involves turning the stove on. Otherwise she will make herself something simple such as a hot dog, sandwich or cereal. There is the occasion when she will eat leftovers for breakfast.

Picking out her own clothes and putting herself in the shower has been achieved. She can put her clothes in the dirty clothes but sorting them is a bit of a problem. I believe purchasing an actual sorter and keeping one basket to take them to the laundry will aid with this however. 

Progress is being made toward her independence. She is trusting and kind, unaware of danger. Now if we can get her to hold a conversation without yelling when she is not getting her way. All in all she is still the same sweet baby she has always been and I am proud of her.
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