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Saving for Back to School Shopping

It is June, and summer is well under way. The heat and daylight until past 7p.m. are making Shorty rather active from early morning to very late into the night. The only disadvantage is that school starts back in August and I am attempting to be creative while saving for the back to school shopping. I do not want it to interfere with her summer fun.
I began the summer short on funds, so I had to be creative to come up with a way to make up the difference to add to back to school clothes shopping and such.


I like them because they save money on items I normally buy. I like them even more when the savings is in the form of money back that I can request to my paypal account. It is money that I already spent so I can leave it there until I have enough for what I intend to purchase. 

Rounding Up

Of course I am still rounding expenses up. (One day I will round deposits down again, but not just yet.) I am not touching the overage in my checking account until the first week in August when I pull it out in order to have cash on hand for school shopping.

End Goal

I would like to furnish Shorty with all of her school supplies for less than $20 (not including clothing). I will be washing her backpack from last year and attempting to get her to agree to decorate it for the next school year. Hopefully she will agree and that will just leave a fabric cooler to purchase in the event she wants to take snacks with her. 

She will need a new pair of shoes (so I can get rid of the ones that bug me). Clothing? She will only get a couple weeks worth of clothing since the winter is rough here and I will have to buy her thicker clothing through the school year. She is getting better at laying but she enjoys playing in the snow and ice that we get here. 

Shorty is earning a small allowance for performing simple tasks that are not part of her expectations from day to day so that she may enjoy shopping as well. Until next time may the new school year not find you broke. 

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