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SEP: Making Changes to Meet Goals

I am on restriction from purchasing any of the cute clothing I want. I cannot fit into it at the moment so the only clothing I can buy right now is in the bigger sizes. I can have just enough that I am not naked between laundry days. How am I fairing so far?

Well, so far I am enjoying the summer by pigging out and being inactive due to the heat. Shorty on the other hand is more active than ever even having a tanned face as a result. The clothes I bought just last summer are to small now which means I had to buy a pair of shorts and make a pair of cut off from jeans I hope will be to large next year.

It is a small goal to fit back into the clothes that I wore when I arrived here but it is where I am starting. There are a few negative changes to my diet that I have made recently which I hope to correct slowly. 

What Changes Do I Need to Make?

The over abundance of soda that I brought in for the summer so Shorty could have a treat means that I am drinking them. The change here is that mine should be diet and not the main thing that I drink all day.

I have stopped drinking water since I have not purchased any lately. The water out of the faucet is horrible. I will be boiling some for drinking until I can find a filter pitcher within my price range so that it can be kept on hand cold. 

The fact that I am not moving around a lot can be corrected by walking to and from the laundry and dumpster several times a day until I am capable of taking regular walks to the corner store in order to build up my ability to walk long distances once again.

Slow and Easy

In order to prevent injury I will taking trips slowly to be sure that I am fit enough to take them. One step at a time will get me where I want to know. I just have to make sure I take time out to breathe and focus on my initial goal.
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