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Sunday Evening Post

The week has been one of headache, confusion and triumph. Paperwork has my head spinning, more accurately misplacing paperwork has my head spinning but the house is slowly returning to a state of order as I search for it in order to file it away where it can be found. This is why I miss my filing cabinet and desk.

My nerves are on edge, fearful that I have made an error on vital paperwork I find myself obsessing over it. The fact that I have not panicked and ripped the house apart to find items that are missing is testimony to the fact that I am attempting to keep calm about the entire situation.

One by one I am going over every address that is required for the paperwork and checking them repeatedly to ensure that I have not left anything out of the papers that I have filed.

Cleaning House

I am slowly but surely removing things from the outside storage area and going through it. There are some things in that closet that I do not want which I will be getting rid of; other things such as winter clothing will be put out there and exchanged for summer clothing when the weather changes again.


I have deadlines for the forms and housekeeping that I am performing. Those deadlines require me to make lists of things in order to actually perform the tasks; when the list is not present I do not accomplish anything at all. 

My head is spinning but I am attempting to avoid staying out of bed all day everyday so that I may spend as much time as possible with Shorty. Goodnight.

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