Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Unforeseen Consequences

We are aware that there are consequences to the actions we take and the choices that we make. There are some consequences that are not predicted or even considered when things are set in motion. We live with this daily. Shorty is a special child in a number of ways. 

Shorty is autistic and has been in multiple types of therapy since she was 2 years and 9 months old. There have been ups and downs during the past 6 years. We have survived all of them, and the autism is less visible to strangers than it once was. I can see it clearly in naive innocent and would not have it any other way.

Play Disaster Avoided

Imaginative play is something that Shorty had to learn. She has become an expert at it. Problem? Well, sometimes she scares me. The words "I'm sorry the hose wasn't long enough to put out the fire," had me trying to figure out what fire she was referring to. It turns out that the "fire" was in the freezer. She was acting out a show she watched. Scripting is not unusual.

She managed to get the kitchen floor wet enough that all I had to do was mop it up and it was clean.


Shorty will interact with the smallest creatures. I often find her talking to flies, frogs, birds, etc. She will speak to them all and shows them all kindness. She is unaware that there are some animals she should not attempt such familiarity with. `

It is more difficult to teach a child not to approach an animal than it is for them to learn how carry on a conversation with other people. The unforeseen consequence is fear when you know that someone around you has been feeding wild animals that could cause a danger to her if she were to be outside.

Inappropriate Behaviors

Therapist assisted her with "sensory issues" utilizing things such as shaving cream and balls. 

Shaving cream all over my bathroom sink and counter top did not make me a happy momma. The ball throwing in the house against a wall neighbors were sleeping on the other side really did not thrill me.

The explanation of having permission to do things and that ball throwing is best left as an outside activity were over looked by the therapist. 

The consequences of actions taught to autistic children have to be considered from all angles even odd ones. It is the parents that have to deal with the fallout when our children get these lessons. Please consider your choices carefully. 
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