Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wondering Wednesday

It is always a beautiful time to wonder about the things around us. Time refuses to slow down meaning that we must be diligent to learn the answers that we truly want to know. What do you wonder about? Sit back and I'll give you a peek at what I wonder about.

Why do we have to spend our lives working for the things we want only to find that there is no time left to enjoy them? 

We do not. The traditional workforce is no longer the norm. It is possible to have a job that you actually enjoy with a flexible enough schedule that you can actually enjoy the things that you were busy chasing in the beginning.

Is it possible to pay off all of your debt?

In theory yes. Putting the theories that make being debt free a reality into practice is the most difficult part. It is a matter of discipline to stick to the plan that you created and make the goal a reality. 

Should you leave everything to change your life?

That is a question only you can answer. The choice is personal. We left everything but it was not by choice. The end result has been for the best but our journey is far from over. 

Why is budgeting stressful?

It does not have to be, each of us make it that way by over thinking it. There are bills that must be paid each month, then there are those that only come around a few times a year. Ideally these fall comfortably below our income, when they do not the panic will set in and we could lose everything. 

Responsibility is one of the signs that we have become adults. Our children learn from us, setting an example is more than showing them what to do we have to teach them how to perform the tasks that await them.
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