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Wordy Wednesday

While everyone else is wordless today posting pictures and other artwork I am wordy as usual. There is not a flow just ramblings of whatever comes to mind as I allow myself to work through what is running through my head.

I have been gaining weight lately and it does not look like it will stop anytime soon. I have a sudden desire for sodas and creamer in my coffee. I had given up creamer but my sweet tooth does not indulge in cakes, cookies and other such things often as a result of keeping them out of the house. They are something that children over indulge in from time to time and I have done so on more than one occasion.

We prefer homemade sweets so that is typically what we do when we have the time and ingredients. I have two tomato plants for salad tomatoes, a bell pepper plant, and a hot pepper plant. One of my tomato plants is covered in tiny tomato just waiting to turn red so I can have them in salads.

The porch is rather small but my basil is doing well, it is growing faster than I can use it but I will not complain about that. The baby is aiding with the care of the plants which means she is learning a little something about being self sufficient. 

This wordy Wednesday is coming to a close because my mind has wandering father than the time I have to catch up with all the thoughts running through my head.
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