Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Bill Day

It is bill day. I will out of pocket while my head spins paying everything and checking the lists I made to ensure that I budgeted correctly for this month.

I found that I was out of somethings that I didn't even realize I had ran out of while I was searching through the cabinets for things. I know that there are some items I should buy this month because I can save money on them and earn cash back this month. The cash back will aid with the expense of Christmas.

It is time that I actively do something about the extra weight I have put on without getting side tracked. That will help us to reduce expenses as well. It is just time to start finding the recipes that I will make us through the holiday season. Shorty likes it when we make homemade cookies and things so I will be finding the recipes for them again since I have lost all of my cook books. Index cards will come in handy as well as I lost all of my recipe cards in the original move as well.

  I hope that your day is peaceful and that your budget is what you planned for without unexpected expenses.
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