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Pinching Pennies

I am already thinking of December. Not only will it be Christmas time but Shorty has a birthday two days later. I have no problems deciding what to get her this year; Shorty has already made requests. Hence the pinching of pennies.

The two main items on her list total just over $100 together. She has her heart set on them, and I cannot bear the thought of disappointing her. Problem is at this point I only have $7 from
rounding off spending toward holiday purchases.

I had a slight mishap that resulted in having to start over with the holiday savings, and I am doing my best not to let it happen again. I am back to my original savings plan of coupons, cash back and rounding things up. I am also carrying over the money left from doing the laundry to the next month to reduce the amount of change that I have to get to wash it with. I have increased our once $10 a month laundry budget to make room for washing newly acquired stuffed animals all at once, and drying clothing in the event of sickness or washing a load of sheets by themselves since most of them are white. 

I have five months to come up with the total for this years holiday shopping, not including any small things I might find for her stocking. Shorty is earning a small allowance now, and I am attempting to stock up on commonly used items from the clearance racks so we are prepared for the winter in case of snow again. 

Here's hoping your holiday savings plans are on track for the kids on your list. 

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