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I remember summer seeming to be just a little longer than it is now when I was a kid. The time I get to spend with Shorty seems to decrease every year. The weather days give me additional time during the school year but they also extend it into summer. It's not much of a trade-off when it comes to the time I could spend with her. 

Thinking back on all the time I spent glued to my computer screen working while she was little brings images of the moments that we spent doing things that we enjoyed. I began working from home when she was just a few months old, I wanted some spending money. Then it became a necessity and I found that I was supporting us while it seemed that I was spending less and less time with her.

The interruption in our time together made the time that I got to spend with her even more precious. The lack of sleep in those years before she started school had me feeling like a zombie. Working twenty-four hour stretches just to finish something so that I could rest before moving onto the next thing and still spend time with Shorty.

Shorty used to climb up in the bed with me and sit beside me while I worked when I'd close myself up in there so my ex-husband wouldn't bother me while I worked. 

It is strange to me now that I do not have deadlines to fight against anymore or a job to go to while she is at school as I briefly did while we lived on the mountain among friends.

Now my days are organized rather differently and I am attempting to get used to it still, especially during the summer months. I am no longer able to stay up all night and get up early the next day. 

May your summer be filled with fun, routine and quality time.
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