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Triggers for Stress

My stress triggers are something I am just beginning to figure out. It is important to know them because stress triggers my nerves. It is difficult to describe how my nerves act up when this happens so I will not attempt it today, instead I will focus on the triggers.

Yelling, or people that talk as if they are yelling all of the time. Lack of sleep, or rather the inability to sleep at night followed by not having a choice but to stay up all day the next day. This is typically during the school year when the time change means that it is daylight for longer at a time. Though it has happened in the winter months and it is difficult.

Fortunately my alarm is loud enough that it wakes up Shorty so she will sometimes get me up, usually she runs out and hits the snooze on it though. She's like me that way, I used to set it for the time I wanted to start getting up. Next year I think I'll set it for the time I actually want to get up and buy a half hour of sleep. I haven't seen "The Beverly Hillbillies" since summer started.

Then there are outings, driving can cause me stress if I am running late. Bad weather, especially if I am driving or even riding with someone. Having someone else drive me if they can't ignore the phone, look at me while they talk to me, or just don't pay attention to what they are doing. I know where this trigger came in, it was as I got older and started dating. One of the men I used to date liked to drive drunk and make me ride with him while he weaved all over the road. That's a long story for another day.

Then there are the days when people show up at the door unexpectedly. This really triggers my nerves, especially when I have planned to spend the day alone.

That is all that I care to ramble about for now, we'll get deeper into my nerves as I examine my life more closely over the coming months. Until next time may your days be as peaceful as you need in order to achieve solace. 

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