Friday, October 2, 2015

Stress, Stress, Stres

While things are looking up, I still have a great deal of stress because of expenses at the moment. The holidays are coming up and I am not prepared in the least for them. The money isn't coming together, the school is nickel and dime this, nickel and dime that.

So far there are two field trips, inexpensive but a surprise to the budget. Today is picture day which means I have to come up with the money to buy at least one of them. I want documentation of this time, it has become more important than ever since I had to leave all of my children's physical pictures behind.

It is not something that I have to dwell on, yet I find myself missing those pictures more every day. That might be why I am so determined to take at least one each day of my sweet, autistic angel.

Christmas and her birthday are both coming up; I have exactly one gift each purchased for her. Though I have picked out a few things and thanks to her I know what special surprise to get her this year. The problem is the fact that I am running out of time to get it done before the holiday.

Until next time, I am medicated. Enjoy your family and friends.
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