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Prompt: My Favorite Room

Doubles as a Desk
My favorite room no longer exists, it is my office. It is no longer a separate room or even tucked into a corner. The ideal is having my office space back, it includes a customized desk and all my creature comforts.

 I will find a coffee pot that fills itself to continual provide much-needed caffeine and software that types what I am thinking to give my fingers a rest as typing by voice never works for me because of the accent.

The door will have an alarm to alert to those that would interrupt while I am deep in thought. There are no phone jacks or signals from cell towers. 

My office is the one room that no one enters as I enjoy the books, notebooks, and other office supplies that fill the room.

What is your favorite room? Does it have a locking door or not door at all? What do you find in your favorite room?

This post is a result of MOP at M3.  
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